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“It’s about communities making sure all kids get fed. So how do we inspire communities and inspire people to take care of these kids? For us, the act of making a lunch is the platform for inspiring action for social change. It’s not rocket science. Feed kids who are hungry. The impact of that is enormous…”


For the past year, Canadians and the world have eagerly tuned into election events unfolding in the United States. Uncertainty, fear, hostility and frustration have dominated, polarizing and dividing individuals and communities. At the forefront of this unfolding has been the media, in all its various forms, which has brought into question the role of media and storytellers in shaping discussion and thought in society. Questions about focus, responsibility, objectivity and perspective, have come forward along with a sense of forlorn and dissatisfaction with media and storytellers in general.


“I find that everyone is geeky in their own way,” Chic Geek’s founder, Kylie Toh, says encouragingly.

Chic Geek is a volunteer-run, safe and supportive group that holds a place for women to try out technology in Calgary. It hosts meet-ups and seminars for the tech-curious, and next week, on November 16, will present their “Geeky Summit.”

What do the Dalai Lama and Pamela Beebe have in common?

 They are both advocates of kindness.

In my pocket, like a polished stone, I carry around this saying from the Dalai Lama, “Be kind whenever possible and it is always possible.”

Pamela Beebe, with Vibrant Communities Calgary and from the Kainai Nation, also shares and collects the polished stone of kindness. The harsh rubbing of racism and poverty and the more gentle touch of hope have polished her call to kindness.

The New EconomyCreating a Thriveable Future

Reading the Community Tea Leaves

Seeing the Future of a Successful Business District: Community and Commerce

Did you know the Kensington Business District was the location of one of the highest participation events in the launch of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, the latest from the Land of Harry Potter? There were Harrys, Hermiones and Dumbledores taking over the streets of Kensington as they lined up to get the new book from Pages bookstore.

Are We There Yet?

How will we know we have left the consumer culture?

In a recent interview with John McKnight in preparation for the An Other Kingdom Event on September 12, he reminisced about road trips with his parents. The children were persistently inquiring, “Are we there yet?” And a few minutes later for the parents, after what seemed an eternity for the children, inquiring again, “Are we there yet?”


    An Other Kingdom: Departing the Consumer Culture

    12/09/2016 @ 11:45 am - 1:15 pm - Join Peter Block, Walter Brueggemann and John McKnight in a live Skyped conversation discussing their new book An Other Kingdom. An Other Kingdom provides a new narrative, a shift in our thinking and speaking, to take us out of a culture of addictive consumption into a place where contract is replaced by covenant, consumption is

    Our StoryNew Scoop and Journalism

    International Journalism Cooperatives, Unite!

    A world co-operative network intends to gather press co-operatives from around the world! The day before the closure of the International Summit of Co-operatives 2016, a group of journalists working within co-operatives of press established in Canada, Portugal and France, decided to link their efforts to promote the co-operative values in the world.

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    ewScoop YYC is now a member of REAP, and eligible for a “Be Local” Award. Voting is open through to October 31. Each year REAP’s Be Local Awards encourage Calgarians to vote for their favourite local businesses. Winners are recognized at REAP’s annual Be Local Awards Gala with a Be Local trophy. You can see our profile