Community ChampionsShaping a Better City

Pop-Up ESL Provides Community for the Isolated

One Sponsor Group's Discoveries in Supporting a Syrian Refugee Family

“These women are the most fantastic dancers I’ve ever seen – like belly dancing on steroids. They take off their hijabs, you know, and are so free.” Lee Elliott, a volunteer coordinator for Hillhurst United Church’s Syrian refugee family, describes the beautiful ease with which the Yassin family’s five daughters dance in the company of

Clicktivism – A Powerful Force for Good?

Larry Mathieson Issues a Challenge to Calgarians

“There are 2,600 registered charities in Calgary. They are all important, but they all are grappling for attention and the means to operate and meet their cause. Social media can be a great equaliser for a smaller organization that may not have the budget to conduct a full blown fundraising campaign.”

Calgary Community Resource Centre on the Rise

Millican Ogden Community Association Boasts Renovated Space and Exciting New Programs

The Centre, nestled into the community of Ogden Milllcan, just off Odgen Road at 76 AVE is a warm, airy, and welcoming space. A smiling Debbie Cheeseman meets us inside the front door and takes us on a tour of the completed renovations that began late last year. They include an expanded free clothing room, and two new free-use computer labs (one upstairs and the other located downstairs for accessibility), run by Jason Handcock of Mo’s Place – a free after-school program that helps youth succeed academically, personally & socially.

The Abundant Community Initiative

One Block Connector Tells his Story

I’m a bit nervous as I knock on my neighbour’s door. I’ve lived here for five years so I’ve certainly seen them around, I think I even introduced myself, but have forgotten their names.

My community Association has asked if I would be the Block Connector for my block. This is my first day in the role, and I’m going to walk down our street, meet my neighbours and let them know what this involves. I like the idea of getting to know my neighbours in the same way we all did as kids.

Aging in Community

Senior-Designed Affordable Housing

“Inglewood is a great neighbourhood because people have taken ownership”, says Shirley-Anne Reuben, Executive Director of the Jack Long Foundation. The foundation is an affordable housing society that carries on the legacy of the well-known architect and community leader, Jack Long, who strongly believed in the power of community.

The New EconomyCreating a Thriveable Future

Starbucks or Worker Co-op?

Which is the Better Deal for Jane?

Tim Hewitt, Co-op Developer for the Arizmendis Association of Co-ops and I imagined that we were sitting together in a Starbucks having just received a $4 latte from a smiling-faced young person, with a B.A. in Political Science, who was careful to ask if we wanted anything else… we named her Jane. I asked Tim what

Calling Co-op Champions to Gather

Five reasons to attend the Energizing Communities Conference if you’re already a champ (i.e. know a lot)

Networking and Fun – like the Co-op Curious, getting to know people with similar goals remains a highlight for Co-op Champs. Participants will learn trends and of new needs and approaches. If participants are well versed in their fields, they will find opportunities to assist others.

Opening Reception Welcomes Calgarians and The World…

First Annual Mark Goldblatt Memorial Lecture

This opening reception will welcome those who have travelled to Calgary for this conference as well as local co-operators. It will feature the first Mark Goldblatt Memorial Lecture. Hazel and Greg feel honoured to have been asked by the founding directors of the Mark Goldblatt Foundation to present, The Big Idea – Building a Co-operative Economy through Popular Culture.

2020 Vision for Humanity

ewScoop YYC was honoured to  provide media support for the 2020 Vision of Humanity last month.  If you were not able to attend, please view this short video to get a sense of the vibrancy and diversity of the voices and contributions which were part of the symposium.  NewScoop YYC is very excited to offer

Our StoryNew Scoop and Journalism

Staying Awake in Three Chapters

Introducing Moving Into Right Relations: A NewScoop Story Circle and News Program

NewScoop YYC is embarking on a project to surface and share stories in Calgary about the movement towards Right Relations generated within and across communities including both indigenous and non-indigenous initiatives and collaborations.