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Thrive wants you!

Are you passionate about a sustainable local economy in Calgary? Do you care about equality and social justice? Then Thrive is the place for you. Thrive is a network of local economy leaders, neighbourhood champions, and entrepreneurs who work collectively to advance their vision of a thriving, resilient and inclusive economy for all. They seek

The New EconomyCreating a Thriveable Future

Reading the Community Tea Leaves

Seeing the Future of a Successful Business District: Community and Commerce

id you know the Kensington Business District was the location of one of the highest participation events in the launch of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, the latest from the Land of Harry Potter? There were Harrys, Hermiones and Dumbledores taking over the streets of Kensington as they lined up to get the new

Bright Lights of Creativity Connect Through Social Enterprise

Second Lion’s Den Social Innovation Challenge October 1, 2016

hat excites Carla Leon, a key organizer of the Lion’s Den Social Innovation Challenge 2016 (SIC), are the connections between those who have a passion for social entrepreneurship. For example, last year’s Calgary SIC, Project Stove pitched an idea to sell energy efficient stoves in Kenya. That same year, a 2nd place winner of the

Are We There Yet?

How will we know we have left the consumer culture?

n a recent interview with John McKnight in preparation for the An Other Kingdom Event on September 12, he reminisced about road trips with his parents.  The children were persistently inquiring, “Are we there yet?” And a few minutes later for the parents, after what seemed an eternity for the children, inquiring again, “Are we


    An Other Kingdom: Departing the Consumer Culture

    12/09/2016 @ 11:45 am - 1:15 pm - Join Peter Block, Walter Brueggemann and John McKnight in a live Skyped conversation discussing their new book An Other Kingdom. An Other Kingdom provides a new narrative, a shift in our thinking and speaking, to take us out of a culture of addictive consumption into a place where contract is replaced by covenant, consumption is

    Our StoryNew Scoop and Journalism

    Vote for Us!

    ewScoop YYC is now a member of REAP, and eligible for a “Be Local” Award. Voting is open through to October 31. Each year REAP’s Be Local Awards encourage Calgarians to vote for their favourite local businesses. Winners are recognized at REAP’s annual Be Local Awards Gala with a Be Local trophy. You can see our profile

    Toot-Toot!! We’re making waves!

    Generative Journalism Co-op Energizing New Talent

    Hope and possibility is stirring in Calgary as a Generative Journalism co-op called NewScoop YYC draws an array of new talent sensing a life-giving space in which to step into their gifts and animate a new story for their city and society.

    “What’s energizing me is this different approach to writing stories,” says Tamara Lee, who connected with NewScoop several months ago. She brings an eclectic mix of gifts — technical writing, placemaking artistry and a degree in biochemistry. Tamara says she’s especially drawn to the idea of creating news in a way that is generative — where the story-gathering process itself sparks new possibilities for her community.