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Responding to the Call

Calgary takes action towards TRC Recommendations

What can Calgarians do to support Indigenous families heal from intergenerational trauma? What does putting a call to action into action, actually look like?

These were some of the questions posed by Calgarians at Reconciliation Journey: Walking a Path Together

Be Your Own Hero

Calgary's 2017 Wellness Walk

Whether someone has been clean for five hours or five years, getting and staying sober is something each person needs to do for themselves.

“You need to step up, be your own hero, show up for your own life and do what you need to do in order to move forward,” says Charlotte Yellowhorn McLeod, Indigenous cultural coordinator at Aspen Family & Community Network Society, one of more than 20 organizations that helped organize and fund Calgary’s 21st annual Wellness Walk for sobriety earlier this month.

Full Circle- The Journey of Tony Snow

Growing up on the Stoney Nakoda First Nation, Tony Snow says he knows what it looks like for someone to lose sight of his or her spirituality. “When people lose their jobs, that’s often when they lose their faith. When they lose faith, they lose a sense of themselves and that can lead to a community with high suicide rates, depression and social ills that become family and community-wide problems.