50 Stories of Faith


50 Stories of Faith: A Gift in Celebration of Canada’s 150th anniversary 

What is 50 Stories of Faith?

We have an opportunity in 2017, Canada’s 150th anniversary, to tell the stories of how Faith communities are making Canada a vibrant and evolving society.

NewScoop YYC ‘s goal is to tell 50 stories sharing how Faith communities contribute to the creativity and resilience of Calgary and its citizens.

We will produce digital written and video stories showing how Faith communities, separately and collaboratively are increasing our faith capital: the spiritual resources, relationships and infrastructures that support individuals and communities in living meaningful, compassionate and creative lives.

What is NewScoop?

NewScoop is a cooperatively owned media platform creating the world we want through the stories we tell. Through the practise of Generative Journalism, NewScoop surfaces and shares stories of Faith (and non Faith) communities who have and are making beneficial contributions to our society. Our inquiry process invites our story subjects to imagine and articulate their next steps and desired futures, so the stories carry the seeds of future goodness.

NewScoop YYC has been telling and distributing stories of Calgary Faith communities since our launch in 2014. Please check out:

Flourishing Amongst Decline

A Relentless Light of Hope


Circles of Sharing

How can you be part of this initiative?

We need your support to surface and share stories of how people and communities of faith have contributed to our resilient and thriving City. You can be part of this initiative

  • by sharing and sponsoring a particular story
  • by contributing to stories already identified by our editorial team
  • by becoming an Individual or Organizational member of NewScoop

Help celebrate how Faith Communities are vital to our community.

  • Pay what you can
  • $300.00 – one story
  • $1000.00 – one video
  • $3000.00 – ten stories
  • $5000.00 – fifteen stories

You are invited to donate what you can or become an individual or organizational member. Click the “donate” button below and enter the amount you would like to donate now. Thank You!