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Full Circle- The Journey of Tony Snow

Growing up on the Stoney Nakoda First Nation, Tony Snow says he knows what it looks like for someone to lose sight of his or her spirituality. “When people lose their jobs, that’s often when they lose their faith. When they lose faith, they lose a sense of themselves and that can lead to a community with high suicide rates, depression and social ills that become family and community-wide problems.

Partnership Flowing from the 2013 Flood

A Collaboration between Chiniki First Nation and the Trico Group of Companies

A new and sustainable future of prosperity and self-reliance for the people of Chiniki First Nation. This is the vision of the Chiniki Trico Corporation, a unique collaboration between Chiniki First Nation and the Trico Group of Companies.

Reconciliation Journey: Walking a Path Together

The Indigenous Advisory Committee of Vibrant Communities Calgary is hosting Reconciliation Journey: Walking a Path Together, funded by the Enough For All Catalyst Fund, as well as the Calgary Foundation and Suncor.

The second of two conferences organized by the Indigenous Advisory Committee this year, Reconciliation Journey: Walking a Path Together is designed to help Calgarians understand the 94 calls to action and get connected to the reconciliation work taking place in the city.

Faith Communities with Nothing to Lose

A church on the verge of closing its doors brings in a new leader. With nothing to lose, this leader and its congregation thinks imaginatively and innovatively to become a church that thrives rather than merely survives. Liturgy. Music. Organizational structure. Refugees. Education. Homelessness. Contemplative Prayer. Theatre.