Thrive or Survive: Faith Communities in Canada 

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      Date(s) - 23/10/2017 - 07/05/2018
      12:00 pm - 1:00 pm


      • Are you experiencing seismic shifts within and around your Church?
      • Are you seeing new ideas, energy, and connections emerge unexpectedly?
      • Do you have an inkling that new behaviours are required of church leaders and members?
      • Do you have a feeling of possibility as former things end and new things emerge?


      Join the researchers at the Flourishing Congregation Institute as they share their findings about what enables a congregation to move from surviving to thriving. These four online conversations will support church leaders through ideas and dialogue to take the next step; whether that be listening, connecting, learning, waiting or stepping up with courage and commitment.

      Join Church leaders from across Canada who, like you are on the cusp of new territory.


      Faith Communities with Nothing to Lose!   

      Monday October 30, 12:00pm MST

      Joel Thiessen, Ph.D. (Professor of Sociology and Director of the Flourishing Congregations Institute, Ambrose University)

      Many congregations across Canada are thriving rather than merely surviving. Why, and what constitutes a flourishing congregation in a distinctly Canadian context? Find out new findings from a national study out of the Flourishing Congregations Institute at Ambrose University, with Catholic, mainline, and conservative Protestant congregations in Canada.



      Church Buildings Speak: What is Your Building Saying?

      Wednesday November 29, 12:00pm MST

      Rev. Bill McAlpine, Ph.D. (Professor of Practical Theology, Ambrose University)

      “The Church is people, not buildings” is true – to a point. But does that, therefore, mean that church buildings are incidental to the fulfilment of the Church’s mission? Consider the role church buildings can and should play in our church ministries.



      Seven Deadly Narratives of Congregational Leaders     

      Monday February 5, 12:00pm MST

      Rev. Keith Walker, Ph.D. (Professor in Department of Educational Administration and Johnson- Shoyama Graduate School of Public Policy, University of Saskatchewan)

      What insights might be gained from congregational leaders’ scripts or inner dialogues that might be unhelpful, destructive or even pathological as they seek, with others, to make a way for congregational flourishing? Register


      Discipleship: Who are the Curious, Comfortable, and Committed Among Us?

      Monday May 7, 12:00pm MST

      Rev. Arch Wong, Ph.D. (Professor of Practical Theology, Ambrose University)

      How might local congregations engage the curious, comfortable, and committed people among them, into a deeper relationship with Jesus, with one another, and the community around them? From our findings from church leaders, discover how local congregations are discipling the curious, comfortable, and committed people in their congregation.