Story Circles and News Programs

NewScoop YYC is co creating Story Circles and News Programs

NewScoop YYC is calling circles of participants to surface and support the telling of stories in each of these domains.NewScoop YYC will co create news programs with leaders in these growing edges of Calgary to support share and inspire collaborations in the domains below:

  1. What Comes First the Chicken or the Egg? Active citizens = Dynamic Communities or Dynamic Communities = Active Citizens?
  1. Alternate Visions of Urban Shelter and Communities. Housing Homes, Neighbourhoods and Connections
  1. Who is a Newbie? Exploring the possibilities for being a permeable city integrating the stories and energy of new residents.
  1. Moving into Right Relations; First Nations and Neighbours
  1. Faith Communities: contributing to a vibrant and inclusive city
  1. Co-ops: a tried and true Alberta social / economic model
  1. Happiness: How can Happy Choices lead to healthy citizens, a vibrant city and a better deal for the planet
  1. 2017 Canada’s 150th anniversary. . . The rubber is hitting the road! Is this going to pass us by or are we going to take the opportunity to celebrate and dream ourselves into the next 150 years!
  1. We are them . . . the folks who are getting older . . . creating a city good for all generations of Calgarians.

We need both champions and guides to show us what is unfolding and financial partners to support the telling of these stories.