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How can Canadians build thriving communities?

By moving from an economy for me, to an economy for all.

Microlending. Local investing. Social finance. Food security. These are some of the tools that are being used by leaders in communities across the country to create an economy that emphasizes shared prosperity for all Canadians. These are just a few of the topics that will be front and centre at EconoUs2017, a national conference in

Do You Know Where Your Money is?

Or New Frontiers for Local Investing!

Do you know where your money is? Most of us don’t, and if we did, we might be dismayed to find that it’s invested in the very companies we avoid like the plague. Or at the very least, we sometimes roll over in the middle of the night, when our money hasn’t come home yet and wonder . . .in which country is it hanging out? Doing what?

Partners piloting micro loan to ease cash crunch

Build people’s assets and develop local economy among intentions

hen Timothy’s mother fell ill, he turned to payday lending to quickly borrow $1,000 to send home to her in another country. But Timothy soon got caught in a long-term cycle of debt when, two weeks after securing the payday loan, he couldn’t pay it back in full as required, and triple-digit interest was applied.