A Capstone Moment in Calgary’s Bold Trek Towards Halving its Poverty Numbers

Jan. 15 gathering a chance to celebrate and experience collective impact approach

A Jan. 15 gathering in Calgary will be an important moment in the city’s bold trek towards halving its poverty numbers within the next decade.

It will be a time to celebrate and reflect on the tremendous work already done to create the city’s plan for shrinking poverty rates, called the Calgary Poverty Reduction Initiative’s (CPRI) Enough for All strategy.

There will be an official transition of the CPRI’s leadership from a city-led entity to a community-based organization, Vibrant Communities Calgary.

And there will be a chance for Calgarians to both learn more about and experience the methodology that is intended to be at the heart of the implementation of the Enough for All strategy.

This methodology is called collective impact and Calgary stands out as a Canadian pioneer in using the approach, which has been introduced with significant success in a number of U.S. efforts.

Kim Mustard has been engaged as a consultant with the CPRI, particularly around its transition to Vibrant Communities Calgary.

She points out that collective impact and its related collection of terms, such as backbone organizations, are still new concepts for many people.

“This is the first time that a lot of people will have an opportunity to hear what does this all mean – and what will it mean for how Vibrant Communities Calgary does its work,” she says.

Between now and April, Vibrant Communities Calgary will continue to demonstrate what it means to do collective impact work.

At the gathering, people can hear success stories from Enough for All project leads and comments from Mayor Naheed Nenshi, CPRI’s stewardship group co-chair Cathy Williams, CPRI executive director Derek Cook, United Way’s president and CEO Lucy Miller and Vibrant Communities Calgary’s board chair Joe Ceci.

Both Kim and Vibrant Communities Calgary communications adviser Kathryn Cormier hope to see the gathering spark fresh and heightened community energy around the poverty reduction plan.

They’ve been especially energized by the support for and collaborative work to date on this effort.

To learn more and register for the event, click here.

To learn more about collective impact, click here.



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