A New Vision for Humanity

Calgary as a Catalyst for Global Change

Dr. Arthur Clark is changing the world.

He’s taken a relatively simple idea he developed for a course at the Calgary Centre for Global Community and transformed it into a project to take down the warfare system, worldwide.

From that idea grew the concept for the 2020 Vision for Humanity Symposium.  Building upon Calgary’s participation in Mayors for Peace, the Symposium will raise awareness around how Calgarians can contribute to human security worldwide.

“I’m really tired of human beings spending a lot of public resources to create and maintain the means of human destruction. I’ve watched this for half of a century – I’m just sick of it,” says Arthur.

Arthur wants participants to see Calgary as a microcosm of the world, a place that can be a catalyst for global change. With the symposium, he wants Calgarians to be aware of possibilities and the fact that they can be part of that change.

“As a Calgarian, this gives you the opportunity to be a change agent in the city of Calgary, this can give your life meaning, a purpose which is recognised… as something that really elevates the human experience,” Arthur said.

The symposium brings together a rich collection of talks, workshops and presentations around the themes of economics of happiness, conflict transformation in the workplace, and lessons from Indigenous Communities to name a few.

It will also be the launching pad for the Calgary Social Capital tournament. Included in the three-day event is a half-day excursion at the Folk Tree Lodge, a new learning centre in Bragg Creek.

Arthur says the intention of the symposium is to say to Calgarians “here is a great opportunity to define something that you might find exciting for the rest of your life, it might make all the difference to you and to your legacy after your are gone. And you can do it together with other Calgarians”.

The fourth edition of the symposium is taking place next week in Calgary. It kicks off with a keynote address by Mark Anielski on “Building a New Economy of Well-being for Alberta” at the John Dutton Theatre at 6:30pm on Thursday March 31st. Other sessions (with the except for the excursion to Bragg Creek), will be held at the Parkdale United Church (2919, 8 avenue NW).

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much
~ Helen Keller ~

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