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What is NewScoop YYC?

A new media platform telling stories that support a thriving Calgary

  1. We are telling stories of what we want more of. We are actively seeking stories that reveal a Calgary that is thriving, sustainable and inclusive – driven by the courage and creativity of citizens and communities.
  2. We are telling stories with a shifted chronology. Our stories focus on the present and the future.  We are creating the opportunity for Calgarians to name and share their preferred futures.
  3. NewScoop YYC has a sustainable ownership and business model. We are a not for profit multi-stakeholder co-op.
    • NFP – no need to meet the financial agendas of absent shareholders
    • Multi-stakeholder – individual and organizational members from Calgary as well as the individuals who are doing the work (the worker members)
    • Co-op owned by members and governed democratically

What is our Editorial Commitment?

Who is NewScoop YYC?

You are! Become a member of NewScoop YYC and help shape and share our stories. You can now join as an Individual Member for $8.99/month . Organizational Memberships  are also available.

Why a Co-op?

Co-ops are member-owned organizations — a time tested way to sustain the common good!

Our Charter

We get more of what we pay attention to.

We want to pay attention to economic and community development, which is collaborative, sustainable and local.

We will tell the stories of citizens, formal and informal communities, co-ops, social enterprises, local businesses and associations addressing the social and economic challenges of Calgary.


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Photo: davebloggs007