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Responding to the Call

Calgary takes action towards TRC Recommendations

What can Calgarians do to support Indigenous families heal from intergenerational trauma? What does putting a call to action into action, actually look like?

These were some of the questions posed by Calgarians at Reconciliation Journey: Walking a Path Together

Be Your Own Hero

Calgary's 2017 Wellness Walk

Whether someone has been clean for five hours or five years, getting and staying sober is something each person needs to do for themselves.

“You need to step up, be your own hero, show up for your own life and do what you need to do in order to move forward,” says Charlotte Yellowhorn McLeod, Indigenous cultural coordinator at Aspen Family & Community Network Society, one of more than 20 organizations that helped organize and fund Calgary’s 21st annual Wellness Walk for sobriety earlier this month.

Blind Spots and Biases

Making better business decisions with CultureSmith

When people point to a lack of funding, poor marketing or a faulty product as the reason behind a business failure, they’re laying the blame on all the wrong reasons, because these are all symptoms, not the disease. “The disease is not knowing your own impact on your own business,” says Shane Wallace, CEO of

Building an Inclusive Economy

Is your building or business really accessible?

When Sean Crump goes out for dinner or drinks, he’ll always call ahead to confirm that the venue is wheelchair accessible. But even when the reply is “no problem,” he’ll often discover on arrival that there’s a step or two to get in the door, that all the tables are high, or there is no accessible washroom or the washroom is located down a flight of stairs. “That kind of puts a damper on the night,” says Sean, 32, who is a quadriplegic and uses a wheelchair.

Partnership Flowing from the 2013 Flood

A Collaboration between Chiniki First Nation and the Trico Group of Companies

A new and sustainable future of prosperity and self-reliance for the people of Chiniki First Nation. This is the vision of the Chiniki Trico Corporation, a unique collaboration between Chiniki First Nation and the Trico Group of Companies.

Reconciliation Journey: Walking a Path Together

The Indigenous Advisory Committee of Vibrant Communities Calgary is hosting Reconciliation Journey: Walking a Path Together, funded by the Enough For All Catalyst Fund, as well as the Calgary Foundation and Suncor.

The second of two conferences organized by the Indigenous Advisory Committee this year, Reconciliation Journey: Walking a Path Together is designed to help Calgarians understand the 94 calls to action and get connected to the reconciliation work taking place in the city.

How can Canadians build thriving communities?

By moving from an economy for me, to an economy for all.

icrolending. Local investing. Social finance. Food security. These are some of the tools that are being used by leaders in communities across the country to create an economy that emphasizes shared prosperity for all Canadians. These are just a few of the topics that will be front and centre at EconoUs2017, a national conference in


Key messages from Alberta Ecotrust Foundation’s Environmental Gathering: Breaking Through

When it comes to finding solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental problems, people need to talk with each other more, find common ground, and support each other in making positive change. People need to work together – and everyone needs to be involved.

Those were some of the key messages at the Alberta Ecotrust Foundation’s second annual Environmental Gathering: Breaking Through, which took place last month.

Building Resilient Communities: Thriving in the Face of Uncertainty

With Mark Lakeman and Friends

Anyone can act to change the world for the better, using the tools, skills, education and resources they have right now.

“It’s about people making new choices,” says architect and ‘placemaker’ Mark Lakeman, a leader in the development of sustainable public places in the U.S. and Canada. “Community building is a consciousness project. Consciousness can actually shift to a place with such joy that it really is irrepressible.”