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What is Chrismukkah?

Hospitality on December 24 at the U of C Faith and Spirituality Center

Each homemade ornament is blue – the colour of Israel, cut in the shape of the Jewish star, and decorated with glitter glue. Printed on the center are excerpts from the New Testament.

They will be used to decorate Christmas trees at Chrismukkah, an event hosted by the Faith and Spirituality Center at the University of Calgary on December 24th.


Why U of C Students are Visiting Calgary’s Sacred Spaces

“It’s not so much ‘many paths up the mountain,’ as it is there might not even be a mountain, or a path,” says Adrianna Tulisi, manager of the Faith and Spirituality Centre at the University of Calgary. She’s referring to the unique diversity of different religions, a topic the Kaleidoscope Project is exploring.

Lemonade for Fort Mac

One Young Canadian’s Generosity

One hot summer day in June, 7-year-old Muhammad Kazmi intently penned large letters onto a lime green poster board: “Lemonade for Fort McMurray.”

Lemonade-DrawThe idea of selling lemonade to raise money for the Fort McMurray wildfire relief effort was sparked weeks before while watching the news. Muhammad’s mother, Syeda Zehra, says, “He saw the burning homes on T.V. and said to me, ‘we should do something to help’.”

Pop-Up ESL Provides Community for the Isolated

One Sponsor Group's Discoveries in Supporting a Syrian Refugee Family

“These women are the most fantastic dancers I’ve ever seen – like belly dancing on steroids. They take off their hijabs, you know, and are so free.” Lee Elliott, a volunteer coordinator for Hillhurst United Church’s Syrian refugee family, describes the beautiful ease with which the Yassin family’s five daughters dance in the company of