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“I find that everyone is geeky in their own way,” Chic Geek’s founder, Kylie Toh, says encouragingly.

Chic Geek is a volunteer-run, safe and supportive group that holds a place for women to try out technology in Calgary. It hosts meet-ups and seminars for the tech-curious, and next week, on November 16, will present their “Geeky Summit.”

Circles of Sharing

At the Ogden Community Round Table

NewScoopYYC rejoined the gathering of community groups who meet quarterly in Ogden to discuss community goals and initiatives. Before the meeting, Rick Clarke, Chairman of the Board for the Odgen United Church set the tone: “This group has been amazing for me. We all know the things we are doing, and here we can find

If you build it… they will come

The Cleveland Co-op Model Experiencing Unprecedented Success

Looking for a model to build a value-driven, placed-based, industrial-sized businesses dedicated to equity, inclusion and local ownership? Want to keep wealth local and build an ecosystem of support that leverages local assets?

Steve Dubb of the Democracy Collaborative discussed the Cleveland Model at the ‘Wealth Building Through Ownership’ panel during the recent CASC/ACE Annual Conference in Calgary, Congress 2016

Clicktivism – A Powerful Force for Good?

Larry Mathieson Issues a Challenge to Calgarians

“There are 2,600 registered charities in Calgary. They are all important, but they all are grappling for attention and the means to operate and meet their cause. Social media can be a great equaliser for a smaller organization that may not have the budget to conduct a full blown fundraising campaign.”

Calgary Community Resource Centre on the Rise

Millican Ogden Community Association Boasts Renovated Space and Exciting New Programs

The Centre, nestled into the community of Ogden Milllcan, just off Odgen Road at 76 AVE is a warm, airy, and welcoming space. A smiling Debbie Cheeseman meets us inside the front door and takes us on a tour of the completed renovations that began late last year. They include an expanded free clothing room, and two new free-use computer labs (one upstairs and the other located downstairs for accessibility), run by Jason Handcock of Mo’s Place – a free after-school program that helps youth succeed academically, personally & socially.

“I just said: ‘Yes!’”

Kristina Groves explains why she decided to hitch her star to the fledgling initiative created by the Alberta Solar Co-op

Kristina Groves, a four-time Olympic speed skating medallist, is a recent graduate of the University of Calgary’s Haskayne School of Business MSc in Sustainable Energy Development.

A new model for Calgary

Change we can achieve by working together

The theme for the 2020 Vision for Humanity Symposium this year was “Building a New Model. As the Chair for the symposium, Dr. Arthur Clark, explained in his overview: “…We do this by addressing root causes of violent conflict; by raising awareness of life-affirming alternatives; and by encouraging Calgarians and others to participate in related