NewScoop is proud to be affiliated with REAP, a local business association supporting and promoting businesses which demonstrate Respect for the Earth and All Persons. This is REAP’s 10th anniversary! Congratulations!

We recently caught up with some winners of REAP’s Be Local Awards.  We asked them two questions:

  • What difference does winning this award make?
  • In the best of all possible worlds, where would you like to be in three years?

Favourite micro business with 1-4 employees:  JMK Admin Services

Jo Kelly, “Winning this award is a very personal accomplishment, and it reinforces the idea that I must continue in my current path. In three years, I’d like to be successful in my pursuit to affect change in the hiring statistics for people with disabilities in Calgary (and other cities!) through the promotion of my Building Inclusive Workplaces course as well as the other courses which are currently under development. For instance, the next one will be geared toward those working in the retail/hospitality industry; while the first one is meant for HR professionals and hiring managers.”

Favourite small business with 5-99 employees:  Intrinsi

Lucy Paget, “Firstly there’s the difference it makes to us, as a team.  The acknowledgement of the hard work we do at Intrinsi is a wonderful gift of appreciation for the team.  Winning the favourite small business award gives us the encouragement to keep doing good work, and to look at how we can continually strive to be better.”

“Secondly is the  difference it makes in the wider community of Calgary – we have an award we can share with our clients that’s a third party acknowledgement of our good work.  They don’t just have to take ‘our’ word for it that we’re a good business – it’s a seal of approval.  It helps us stand out from the crowd.”

Favourite medium-large business 100+ employees:  DIRTT Environmental Solutions

Julie Pithers, “This award helps prove our approach to social and environmental concerns is valid and important to the community. REAP Calgary is often held up as the example for other business associations in this realm around North America. It means a lot to be recognized by this well respected organization.”

“In three years we hope to be the first choice as a construction method for building personalized interiors cleanly and quickly for all healthcare, education and commercial office projects. We also hope to have made strong headway in residential markets.”

Favourite non-profit, given to the REAP non-profit who receives the most votes through our website:  Calgary Reads

Steacy Collyer,The favourite non-profit award means a lot to Calgary Reads because we have great admiration for Stephanie and the REAP membership and to be voted their favourite makes us very proud!”
“In three years we would hope to have successfully proven the Children’s Reading Place concept. Ideally thousands of Calgarians will have engaged in innovative and sustainable solutions to ensure that the children furthest from opportunity have books of their very own. And we will have achieved our capital campaign goals so that Calgary Reads can proudly own and operate the house we have created full of reading joy.”


Encompassing Energy Leader: Presented by Bullfrog Power to the business with the most comprehensive energy conservation program:  TreeEra

Mellisa Fellows, “I would say that it makes us feel proud to be recognized for some of the positive steps we have taken, and only encourages us to take more positive steps. We also hope that it inspires others to be conscious of their energy consumption – try holding your business meetings and brainstorming sessions on bikes! An easy way to conserve energy while burning off some of your own.”

“In three years, we hope to be well on our way to planting one billion trees. (What about a billion trees a year – too ambitious?!). Also, we hope that our community members consider TreeEra as not their only action, but one of their actions towards living a sustainable lifestyle. We want to be a positive step that triggers thoughts about other positive steps that can be taken – after a subscription, maybe we think about bringing our own mug to the coffee shop that morning, or about cycling to work one day a week rather than driving. It would be incredible to see the domino effect take place – these small actions as individuals can make a huge impact as a collective.”

Community Economy Leader: Presented by Thrive to a member that is building a strong local economy that works better for more people:  Universal Access

Sean Crump, “As a company in its first year of operation, being recognized for our services and the impact we are trying to instill on the community, winning this award is a huge honor. For us, the biggest hurdle is educating businesses on the importance of Universal Design and the advantages it creates. This award helps put a spotlight on accessibility and will hopefully motivate businesses in becoming truly inclusive and thereby creating communities where all people will feel comfortable getting out and engaging in.”

“In three years, ideally, we see ourselves being a national (if not international) service, with a Canadian Disabilities Act in place to bolster and support our cause, much like the ADA in the US.”

B Corp Leader: Presented by Business Development Bank of Canada, to  a member with a B Corp certification that also demonstrates active involvement with its community, employee practices, and environmental stewardship:  BluPlanet Recycling

Nelson Berlin, “While winning the BCorp Leader award will not change the way we do business, we appreciate the recognition of the efforts we make to be a leader in our local business community and this acknowledgement encourages us to take our sustainability efforts to the next level.”

“BluPlanet Recycling expects to continue to enhance our operations here in Calgary for the foreseeable future and will hopefully find opportunities to expand to other municipalities within 3 years. Where under served recycling collection service markets exist, BluPlanet may be able to leverage our superior service offering to meet these needs. In terms of sustainability, BluPlanet Recycling would like to regain our spot on the BLab Best for the World List, which recognizes the top 10% best performing BCorps.”

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