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Economy of happiness

Economy of well-being for Alberta

Economics of Happiness author Mark Anielski delivered a keynote address (Building a new economy of well-being for Alberta) during the 2020 Vision for Humanity Symposium in Calgary on March 31, 2016. NewScoop Sarah Arthurs caught up with Mark after his talk.

Building a New Economy of Well being for Alberta

A conversation with Mark Anielski

Although they are neighbours in Edmonton, Mark Anielski, an advocate for determining and measuring genuine wealth, and author of the Economics of Happiness (before Happiness became trendy) does not have the same access to Premier Rachel Notley that he used to have. NewScoop asked him to offer three suggestions to the Premier as Alberta stumbles through the landscape $40 oil.

A new model for Calgary

Change we can achieve by working together

The theme for the 2020 Vision for Humanity Symposium this year was “Building a New Model. As the Chair for the symposium, Dr. Arthur Clark, explained in his overview: “…We do this by addressing root causes of violent conflict; by raising awareness of life-affirming alternatives; and by encouraging Calgarians and others to participate in related