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Like Mother, Like Daughter

The next generation discovers cohousing

Twenty-one years ago, Heather Thomas put a thousand dollars down on a dream. Heather was a single Mom with two adolescent daughters who wanted to live in what is called an “intentional community”. She had spotted a notice of a meeting for those interested in cohousing and joined the group. Her two girls, Jill and Lise, were horrified. They called her new group a “cult”.

Would you paint your neighbour?

Greeted by Faces

The lobby of Prairie Sky Cohousing Cooperative, just off Edmonton Trail in northeast Calgary, looks a lot like the lobby of any multi-residential building, with its row of mailboxes, tile floor, and a bench to sit on as you pull your boots on or off. Then, your eye catches the portraits that hang on the walls: eight of them on your left as you come through the door; another 18 in two rows above those ubiquitous mailboxes.