My own experience of a new heaven and earth are coming from an app. Yes! Believe it or not ! “The award-winning Deep Time Walk App is a ground-breaking tool that enables anyone, anywhere to experience a walking audio history of the living Earth”

One of the originators of the Deep Time Walk App is Stephan Harding. In a chapter he writes for A Wild Love for the World, a book written with and in honor of Joanna Mac (Environmentalist, Activist and Teacher), he describes his first experience of an expanded sense of time. In the1990’s, he and his partner were guided by Joanna in a slow meditative walk in an English country garden, along a hundred meter cord representing the world’s 4.6 Billion year history; stopping at points to note key evolutionary events.

I remember feeling a wonderfully liberating expansion of consciousness. Despite all my scientific training in evolutionary biology, this may have been the first time I properly experienced and embraced our planet’s deep trajectory through the fabric of time. It was perhaps the first time I truly felt her wonderfully huge bulk, her vast age, her almost timeless being.

Stephan Harding, A Wild Love for the World.
Stephan Harding guiding a Deep Time Walk

My first experience of the Deep Time Walk App was walking 4.6 km from Banff to the Tunnel Mountain camp ground. As I was walking, I listened to the story of the earth, as it progressed from a disc of rocky debris to the complex biosphere we currently enjoy. The story is told with poetry and science through the relationship of two sympathetic and passionate characters, a scientist and a philosopher,

The last million years are measured using your body, with the final 20cm (the length of a man’s hand) representing 200,000 years and the period when Homo sapiens have resided on Earth.

So in the whole 4.6 Km walk from Banff to Tunnel Mountain campground, the long way by the Bow River, humans beings are on the scene for slightly longer that the length of my hand which opens the camper door!

There are lots of take aways, not least the sense that every human being born on the planet should be given an orientation to the beautiful complexity that we are evolving with and that miraculously supports life including us; a bit like driving lessons, before they are allowed to start messing around!

Frank Oscar Weaver, artist of the image at the top of this post describes his experience of the Deep Time Walk on his blog.

In an earlier post, Thomas Berry suggests that we will not save what we do not see as sacred. The Deep Time Walk App, which I intend to use as a contemplative tool on a regular basis, is redefining my understanding of the earth but more importantly it is given me a different felt sense of what it means to be a breathing being and through that breath part of the liveliness of life that never settles!

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