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A wonderful gift arrived in our world when my son was 12.   He auditioned for Theatre Calgary’s, The Christmas Carol and was cast as Tiny Tim. The following two years he was cast as Young Scrooge.  He was in a 120 performances, not counting rehearsals and including a fabulous fight scene where he joined Robinson Crusoe in fighting off the bad guys every night, with swords!   So much fun for him!!

Christina Ryan, Calgary Herald Calgary, Alberta: November 25, 2013

We, as a family, have attended numerous performances and every year, I love the moment when Stephen Hair, as Scrooge, crawls on his hands and knees or leaps about the stage the morning after his night with the three ghosts. He is absolutely  thrilled to be alive and is seeing everything with fresh eyes.  Scrooge says,  “I feel like a baby!” and giggles! His maid thinks he has completely lost his marbles and is quite concerned! 

Sallie McFague (1933 – 2019), most recently Distinguished Theologian in Residence at the Vancouver School of Theology  in Life  Abundant, says this about her discovery of meditation,

Finally after years of talking about God (what theologians are paid to do!), I am becoming acquainted with God.  This conversion has occurred quite deliberatively: I engaged a spiritual director and have undertaken a daily practise of mediation.  I am doing what is called “practising the presence of God.  To say that it has been instructive would be a gross understatement ; it has been revelatory.  Revelation, as I know see it, is God’s loving self-disclose and this is what I have experienced.  I am meeting God and God is love.  How outrageous as well as platitudinous that sounds.  I can scarcely believe I am writing it, let alone intending to publish it. Why am I doing so? Simply because it true; it is what has happened to me.

Life Abundant, pg. 8

She quotes a journal entry from the beginning of this new revelation.

I feel as though I finally understand what life is about . It is, quite simply acknowledging how things are – living  the truth.  And the truth is that God is the source and sustainer of everything ‘

Life Abundant, pg. 9

She goes on to say,

Since I have undertaken the daily practise of prayer, I have gradually felt my center, the center of my being shifting from myself to God. From the burdensome task of trying to ground myself in myself, I have let go and allowed God to become the One in and for whom I live.

Life Abundant, pg. 9

I share all these quotes from Sallie because it is thrilling and validating to hear in her story such a direct echo of what has been my experience of mediation.  She says and I agree,

I feel more me than at any other time in my life. I am also more aware of the distinctive ness and concrete particularity of other things; faces are more luminous, the color purple in fields is brighter.

Life Abundant, pg. 9

The Sitting

The sitting has given me skin.

I never had skin before

I was me and I was you

I wore your laughter and your frown

I wore the day like a garment, it  pinched my feet

But now I have skin and most everything  has nothing to do with me

Sarah Arthurs

To take us  back to Ebenezer Scrooge, I want to end with this final quote from Sallie.

The overwhelming emotion that I have experienced from this revelation of the mystery of things – from meeting God and knowing that God is love is similar to Ebenezer Scrooge on Christmas Day.  He kicked up his heels, exclaiming, “I didn’t miss it after all!”  I feel this way. In the sixth decade of my life I have been invited on a new journey, which seems like a great adventure, perhaps the greatest adventure of which human beings are capable.

Life Abundant pg. 9

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