Engaged Calgarians Invited to Help Shape National Policy for Thriving Cities

Arusha Centre to host Feb. 24 roundtable as part of national We Are Cities campaign

From the Calgary Dollars complementary currency to Relocalize Fairs, the City of Calgary has long been home to the kinds of efforts that strengthen its future possibilities as a city of true resilience, prosperity and inclusivity.

Those who have been involved in shaping these and related efforts are now invited to join a national campaign to support the creation of provincial and federal policy that enables more of this great work to occur at the municipal level.

On Feb. 24, the Arusha Centre will be hosting one of dozens of roundtables taking place across the country with the intention of drawing on Canadians’ expertise to generate relevant policy suggestions.

The roundtables are part of a campaign called We Are Cities, an initiative of Evergreen CityWorks and Cities for People.

“The Arusha Centre’s relationship with broad community issues around social and environment concerns is long,” Arusha Centre manager Gerald Wheatley says. In addition to the local currency and Relocalize Fairs, the centre has been at the forefront of a number of other projects inspiring Calgarians to greater sustainability and equity in their lives. These projects have included Open Streets Calgary and Take Action Grants.

The centre also played an active role in the founding of both Imagine Calgary and Sustainable Calgary, two projects drawing on the long-term vision of thousands of Calgarians to create a truly thriving city.

“The Arusha Centre’s mandate is to focus on the issues most relevant to Calgarians and work on community projects here in Calgary,” says Gerald.

“The We Are Cities campaign is a rare opportunity to showcase the progressive work that’s happening in Calgary and Imagine Calgary and Sustainable Calgary are great examples of the kind of values and engagement that needs to happen more and needs to be better supported by other levels of government.”

Those interested in attending the Feb. 24 roundtable are encouraged to visit the We are Cities website and view a recently released brief video.

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