Fall in Love with the World, again, for the First Time

So here I am – Blog 25 of 34 and I think I know what joins all these blogs together?! Falling in love with the world, again, for the first time!

This is what I want to create space for!

Are there things we can do, to set up the conditions for falling in love with the World?

What we can let go off and what we can gather –  that will enable us to fall in love with the World/the Earth again – for the first time! 

For me a fresh experience of the Earth and a rise in compassion has come from three places:

  • Contemplation – how can we clear the decks so we are able more able to know reality . . . beyond the shenanigans of our own minds? Is there a way to increase the number of receptor sites we have for receiving what is happening and at some level has nothing to do with us?
  • Cosmology – what is my working model of the earth and the universe? In some ways I think I have a Flat Earth view of the world .. .pretty rudimentary? How does that shape my identity and my spirituality?How does that need to be updates and what difference will that make to my spirituality
  • Creativity – Noticing where we are, what we are part of and then joining in. How are we part of the dance? How are we part of the liveliness of the life?

This rising up compassion and the welling up of love, always results in action; whether it be care for a child, an aging parent or a discouraged partner. The welling up of love for the Earth will energize and transform our choices about how we live on the Planet and how we choose to direct our energy, time and money .

As we make space for and allow ourselves to fall in love with the Earth again . . .we will find ourselves contemplating choices that are surprising, and are out of a place of desire rather than guilt. We will experience our hearts being open and our imaginations discerning new ways to be part of the world we love.

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