Susan and Bernie are two friends of mine at Prairie Sky and they are Eco Homesteaders.  I began getting to know them 12 years ago when we first moved to Prairie Sky.  Bernie is a landscape architect and he, along with members of the Landscape Team and the sweat equity of the founders of PS, are responsible for our current oasis of trees and green supported by a backbone of sandstone.

Ah yes, at Prairie Sky, Bernie will be forever associated with the sandstone which supports and shapes so many of our green spaces and with his invitation to his neighbours to move that sandstone from a pile in the driveway to various destinations around the .75 acres!?  

Many of my neighbours claim they were never so fit as that first summer at Prairie Sky  when there was a work bee every weekend.  Everyone pitched in to do all of the landscaping from paving stones to laying sod to planting trees and moving SANDSTONE!

Susan is a retired University of Calgary English professor with a specialty in  feminist utopias and ecotopias.  She was also a persistent powerhouse with the Greens in Alberta and nationally.  Many of you may have seen her singing with the  Raging Grannies at political and environmental events around Calgary. 

Beautiful photo of Susan, thank you Calgary Herald.

In their 60’s and 70’s, they now live half time on Quadra island where they are creating Heartwood, an eco-homestead including permaculture garden. Why would this be anyone’s retirement plan,  you might ask?

Bernie at Climate Hub Event

Both Bernie and Susan have been consistently attentive, for decades, to the progression of climate change on our planet.  They reached a point about four years ago, clear that climate change was unfolding as predicted , when they decided to create a safe space to grow food and make a life which might prevail as the results of our failure to change how we live on this planet take affect – disruption of supply chains, food scarcity , weather disasters and social upheaval.  Their vision is that this space will be available to future generations.

Bernie says, ” My version of our little project is that we are building a “deep adaptation lifeboat” Heartwood – hopefully embedded in a local flotilla of lifeboats, Quadra Island and environs.”

When I first reached out to my neighbours at Prairie Sky, as my boundaried  life began to soften and we formed the Talking Climate Group, Bernie and Susan introduced us to the work of Jem Bendall and Deep Adaptation.  . . . See Now the B__ News:  Deep Adaptation

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