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Introducing the Thrive Accelerator program

If you’re a Calgarian wanting to make meaningful change in your community by starting or building a business, Thrive is here to help you succeed.

“We partner with them in their journey to be successful,” says Thrive Learning and Leadership Coordinator, Barb Davies.

To this end, Thrive is introducing its new Thrive Incubator program, which supports Thrive’s vision of a thriving, inclusive and resilient local economy for all. Thrive Incubator, which starts April 8, is aimed at early stage start-ups with a business idea to create social change in the community. Ideal candidates for the program, which Thrive is offering at no financial cost to participants, are hardworking, visionary change makers.

“Thrive Incubator is a one-of-a-kind program in Calgary,” Davies says. “The program supports start-up businesses for people who have a business idea to create social change in their community. Thrive works with them to develop a business plan over three months, offering one-on-one coaching support over six months to help them launch their business. If you’re looking to make meaningful change in your community and see an opportunity to do so through business, then this program is very much for you.” All that’s required, she adds, is the willingness to roll up your sleeves and hard work to bring your vision to reality.

“It’s an excellent program for that person who really wants to make meaningful change in their community by bringing their idea to life.”

Thrive – a community leadership initiative of Momentum, which works to build and sustain the local economy from the ground up – supports social businesses in Calgary by focusing on building a thriving, inclusive and resilient local economy for all. Supporting small businesses, particularly small businesses whose goal is to create meaningful impact and social change, is integral to realizing that vision. As Davies puts it, “Small businesses are an integral part of building a strong local economy in Calgary, and when our local economy thrives, so do our communities. Thrive’s work to build greater inclusion in the local economy contributes to Enough for All, a city-wide strategy to address poverty in Calgary.”

Another way Thrive supports small business to Thrive is with their Accelerator program. Thrive Accelerator is designed for existing businesses that want to scale both their financial and social impact. The program is offered both spring and fall, the next Thrive Accelerator starts March 13.

“There are really no other business programs offered in Calgary that can bring the social context and connections that we can through Thrive Accelerator and Thrive Incubator,” Davies says. “Momentum has been working to address poverty reduction and build sustainable livelihoods for over 25 years.” Part of the value that Thrive offers to entrepreneurs in both programs, she notes, is to connect them to a larger community of change makers, like-minded entrepreneurs and innovators who are blazing a path forward for social change and care for the planet at the same time.

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