In January 2020, the Wisdom Centre , Calgary hosted a weekend conference called Mystical Activism featuring Matthew Fox, who I have described as the Indiana Jones of 20 C. Christendom.  He was  excommunicated by the Catholic Church for reclaiming the treasure which was in plain view. 

Rather than begin the story of humankind and the Divine with the episode in Genesis where Adam and Eve eat from the one tree God asks them not to, (the Fall, a Christian technical term?); he starts the story in a whole different place.    

To paraphrase and summarize,  “No way!  The story starts with the whole amazing, gobsmackingly, beautiful creation, in which we live and of which we are a part. This is the launch pad for Christian spirituality!”

On The Daily Meditations with Matthew Fox website, Matthew provides a summary from Original Blessing published in 1983, where he contrasts the Fall/Redemption Tradition with Creation Spirituality. He introduces it with these comments.

Just recently I met a forty-something man who told me that “those four pages from your book totally changed my understanding of Christian history and they should be made available to everyone.”

Daily Meditations with Matthew Fox

See Matthew’s description of Creation Spirituality in Contrast to the Dominant Religious Paradigm (Fall/Redemption Religion)

Matthew Fox

Original Blessing was also transformative for me in my young adulthood. It opened up a new way for me to know my world and my faith, particularly as it pertained to sexuality . .. a bit of a minefield for women in the Evangelical tradition.  

All this by way of sharing the pleasure it was to attend the conference and spend Friday evening and Saturday learning more about Matthew’s take on our current experience and the questions we should be asking.

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