Eugene Brave Rock is making waves in entertainment circles for his recent role as “Chief” in Wonder Woman, the DC Comics superhero film distributed by Warner Bros.

Born and raised on the Kainai First Nation in the Blood Reserve, south of Calgary Alberta, Brave Rock is highly influence by his Blackfoot Culture. He left the reserve to work in the big city in construction, and caught the itch to get into acting after doing a couple of auditions for fun. Brave Rock has travelled the world, chasing his dream of becoming and actor.

Tito Gomez with NewScoopYYC:  The Podcast in Episode 4 had the opportunity to catch up with Brave Rock during his recent visit to Alberta, which also included the actor surprising fans with his presence at a Calgary premiere of the movie.

The 39-year-old actor was also surprised himself last week when he was bestowed with a headdress at a ceremony at the Tatsikiisaapo’p Middle School last week. Not anyone can wear a headdress as it is the highest honour given in First Nations culture.

Brave Rock worked as a stuntman after training to ride, fall, and fight in Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show in Paris. He learned bareback stunt-riding and participated in war re-enactments and buffalo chases. His Stunt credits include the TV movies and miniseries “Big Thunder,” “Hell on Wheels”, “Tin Star” and “Timeless”.

Providing stunt training on the Oscar-winning, Alberta shot blockbuster movie “The Revenant” was a experience he said he’ll never forget. Brave Rock was recruited with his brother, Tim Bruised Head, to run a “boot camp” to train native stuntmen for the Oscar-winning, Alberta-shot blockbuster The Revenant.

“We set up a boot camp and out of the 40 guys that came, we narrowed it down to 20 guys that we helped with the riding and fighting capabilities,” he said. “It was quite an honour. It was such a great production.” Brave Rock told the Calgary Herald in 2016.

Brave Rock’s acting credits include “Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee”, “First World: A Blackfoot Story”, “Heartland” Hannah’s Law” Bluff” Blackstone”, Hell on Wheels” “The American West” and this year, several episodes in “Jamestown” as well as the release of “Wonder Woman.”

His recent role as “Chief” in Wonder Woman gave him an opportunity to honour his culture to the rest of the world. He notably introduces himself to Wonder Woman in his native Blackfoot language.

For many years Brave Rock has been “an ambassador for Treaty 7” at the Calgary Stampede. He’s participated in parades and acted as inspiration for younger natives. He encourages them to maintain their ties to their culture, and acts as a role model for indigenous youth .

Being an actor is natural extension of one of the oldest traditions for native people – being a storyteller.

Now let’s meet Eugene Brave Rock, and hear more of his story. Enjoy our podcast!

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