The best thing about Halloween is that you get to say ‘Hi’ to your neighbours and see the inside of their homes… How often have you heard that? Or the comment from the lovely woman in your neighbourhood that she volunteers for the Diabetes Association’s yearly canvassing drive, so she can say hello to her neighbours at least once a year?

Would you like to be part of a team of first adopters in Calgary to create a network of paid neighbourhood and volunteer Block Connectors to support the strength and vibrancy of our neighbourhoods? The Abundant Community organization is hosting a full-day workshop to educate interested citizens about this initiative.

Join NewScoop on a road trip to Edmonton to learn with John McKnight and Howard Lawrence  about the application of the philosophy behind The Abundant Community: Awakening the Power of Families and Neighborhoods. by Peter Block and John McKnight.

We will leave Calgary early in the morning of June 6 and return between 8:00pm – 9:00pm

The afternoon will be focussed on Asset-Based Neighbourhood Organizing:

1. The Human Scale Neighbourhood
Successful neighbourhoods should be small enough to maximize local community-building relationships. Walkable, yet large enough to sustain the population to live all dimensions of life.

 2. A Compensated Neighbourhood-Wide Organizer
The Neighbourhood Organizer will be selected from the neighbourhood to identify and support the volunteer Block Connectors. S/he would be paid a small stipend to validate and create accountability for the role.

3. Identified and Supported Block Connectors
A Block Connector is an identified point person on each block who would lead initiatives through connection and conversation.

4. Asset-Based Conversations Between Neighbours
Block-level conversations between neighbours that identify the residents’ vision for the neighbourhood and the gifts, experiences and interests (groups and associations they belong to) that they are willing to contribute and share with neighbours.

5. Action Fuelled by Community Dialogue
The information collected from neighbours is collated and used to create new neighbour-to-neighbour relationships, neighbourhood associations and connections to existing local associations and institutions.

 6. Learning from Other Municipalities
Success stories from Lethbridge and St. Albert will be shared.


This event is free! Which is a wow all in itself!
We will share the cost of transportation between us.

 Please contact Simone at to reserve your spot.

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