Myth Busting, Mythic and Myth Making at the Calgary Folk Festival

NewScoop YYC is happy to share videos of interviews with some artists and attendees at the Calgary Folk Festival. A few themes surfaced in our conversations.

Myth Busting

Unsolicited, more than one artist shared they couldn’t sing or even play guitar when they started ! We won’t say whom, but you would be surprised! It was just hard work, determination and courage which kept them putting in the 10,000 hours Malcolm Gladwell says we need to invest to be good at something. Pop there goes the myth! And the excuse of not being born with the gift!


Hosting the stranger is a theme in a number of wisdom traditions. The scenario usually involves feeding or welcoming someone who is unfamiliar and receiving a gift of wisdom as a result. This seems to be great metaphor for describing the dynamic at the Folk Fest for both artists and audience. We welcome musicians who are strangers from afar and we learn things and are made wiser, bigger as a result;  whether it’s empathy for places and peoples we will never visit, sheer appreciation of the richness of diverse cultures or being blown out of the water at musical  virtuosity. We come away richer!

Myth Making

There is something of an urban myth evolving in Calgary. Just about every artist we interviewed mentioned Music Mile and how it was supporting and enabling the  music community in Calgary.  What is Music Mile you say? Like all good myths I suggest you go on a journey to  find out. With the Music Mile website as your guide, check out 9th Ave from Arts Commons to the Old Brewery and see what you discover. You can also check out  this NewScoop video for the creation story of how it came to be . . . a wonderful  story!!

And, of course, join us in enjoying conversations with these artists:

Twisted Wood  – new song created especially for the Calgary Folk Fest!
Corb Lund
Nancy Laberge
Kris Demeanor
Evan Freeman
The Dudes
Northern Beauties


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