New Scoop Celebrates First Member

Hopes to see many Calgarians catch a vision for this news co-operative and join as members

New Scoop holds up a symbolic toast to its first official member, signed on this week.

This happened moments after New Scoop finalized its e-commerce and financial infrastructure allowing people to join the local news initiative as official members.

It’s an historic moment for those who have been working hard to make the vision for this still nascent effort a reality.

There’s still much to be done, but celebrating achievements large and small on a new project like this — with all its risk, ambiguity and learning — is important, says Sarah Arthurs, a key champion of the effort.

Now the call is for Calgarians to catch the vision for New Scoop and step up to say they want to be a part of making it sustainable.

With its commitment to operating as a co-operative, it’s hoped New Scoop will model an alternative, sustainable approach to supporting local, community-based stories that are life-giving and generative.

People are invited to learn more and join by clicking here.

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