New Scoop Invites Feedback

What would it take for you to become an active member?

As New Scoop was launching last fall, a steering committee member shared a bold dream that this idea of a member-owned news co-operative delivering local, life-giving news would someday spring up in cities across North America.

Mark Durieux imagined this social innovation helping to build Calgary’s social economy. And if here, why not elsewhere?

It’s been nearly four months. The New Scoop team has certainly been working hard with the resources it has to live up to its commitment to help co-create the story of Calgary as a thriving city.

If there’s anywhere that such an innovation should thrive, it’s here, in Calgary, which has such an abundance of new, local, restorative economy thinking, commitment and activity.

Inspiring stories of what’s possible abound.

These are only a few more of the many energy points New Scoop has spotlighted:

— the high-level political support for a citywide plan to really make a dent in the city’s poverty levels

— the regular citizens trying to build community with what they have in front of them, such as these two women in Lincoln Park

— the church practicing radical hospitality through its weekly community meals.

— An Interfaith Council that’s saying it’s going to put its hands where its mouth is and collectively add its gifts to shrinking poverty

— a new community economic learning community that includes both learning from the “experts” and peer-to-peer learning

— the ongoing efforts to create new seniors’ housing options that are truly community-based.

The ecology seems just right for a news co-op that is dedicated to themes such as relatedness, co-operation, local vitality, resilience and creativity.

And we’re definitely seeing gestures of support that indicate other people believe so as well. We’ve been encouraged by the recent addition of two new steering committee members, a slowly growing membership base, verbal expressions of support and promising social media engagement.

But we’re interested to hear from more of you, students, mothers, businessmen, dedicated volunteers, people of faith, social entrepreneurs and others.

What would it take for you as a Calgarian to become more than a consumer of New Scoop’s generative news — to actively engage in its efforts?

While we’re still developing a list of clear ways for people to engage, one easy, low-cost option already available is for you to become New Scoop member. What keeps you from clicking that button that leads you to do so? What reservations do you still have about New Scoop?

On the flip side, what makes you excited about the possibility of becoming a member? One interested person, for instance, was thrilled to learn that in becoming a member she has the opportunity to be an owner of the news co-operative. As an owner, she is eligible to contribute directly to the governance of the co-op by running to be elected as a director of New Scoop YYC and/or voting in yearly elections for directors.

We’d like to hear your questions and honest insights, both positive and constructively critical. Please feel free to share below or email this contact.

Otherwise, New Scoop membership is just $10/month. To sign up, click here. You can also contact us to learn more about other ways to get involved.



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