New Scoop Seeks Partners, ‘NS Champions’ to Enable Next Phase of Prototype

Aims to recruit 1,000 members by the end of February

Looking to 2015, New Scoop is embarking on a focused membership campaign as the last portion of its prototyping phase.  Over the next month, until Jan. 16, New Scoop will be looking for individuals and organizations to support this part of the prototyping phase in one or both of two ways.

The first of these ways is by making a financial contribution to a $10,000 budget required for January and February. These supporters will have the option of being recognized as official “Partners” on the New Scoop website.

New Scoop is also inviting people to become “NS Champions” to recruit New Scoop members from their networks. “This is a call out to people who are really resonating with New Scoop and are connected with networks that would also resonate and benefit from an affiliation and connection with this co-op that’s evolving,” Sarah says.

“We are hoping to recruit 10 to 20 well-networked individuals, organizations or businesses to be champions in a friendly competition to establish our membership base. Each NS Champion will be featured in a story during the membership campaign.” Contact Sarah at if you are interested in being a NS Champion or supporting New Scoop with financial donations as a Partner.

The goal is to recruit 1,000 members by the end of February.

This two-pronged campaign is significant in that it will provide the information and financial backing required to move into the third phase of the New Scoop co-operative development process, which is incorporating as a co-op.

“Once we know we have a grassroots interest, we have interest from organizations, we have interest from individuals (in being members) — we have enough clay here — then we’ll go on to make the pot, which is this co-operative entity,” Sarah says.

“The end goal is that we’re going to create a co-operative ownership and governance structure for this work in Calgary.”

Following the completion of the incorporation process, the co-op has a set number of days before it’s required to hold an annual general meeting and elect directors to the board.

Deeply engaged in the process from the get-go, Sarah has been energized by both the stories and the feedback from the network that is developing around this effort.

That said, New Scoop is a startup and with a startup come some bumps.

“I had anticipated that launching a start-up would have an ever-unfolding reality of next steps with complications and choices and that is part of what’s playing out,” Sarah says.

She goes on to share the approach she’s taking in order to work through this trickier part of the journey: having a sense of compassion towards both herself and everyone else involved, bringing all the smarts she can to the table, gathering as many resources as she can find — and then just stepping forward, one step after another.

With its commitment to operating as a co-operative, it’s hoped that New Scoop will model an alternative, sustainable approach to supporting local, community-based stories that are life-giving and generative.

To become a member, click here.

Watch for more information early in the New Year.

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