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I liked the movie A Theory of Everything. It explores relationships, resiliency, science, faith, and the marriage of “opposites.”

I often feel that the faith community has to “bow” to science, or that we are considered to be irrelevant, naive or ignorant. Not sure why I feel that, but I do . . . likely because people “outside” the church think we believe in a God we don’t believe in. We don’t believe in a “guy in the sky.”

The pantheistic God who is both beyond and within makes more faithful sense.

So my sermon was about the acceptance of both science and religion, as partners, not opposites.

I like that. Author Richard Rohr calls this “third-eye seeing.” It is where wisdom lies.

The focus on the relationship between the movie characters Jane and Stephen may have been an opportunity to explore how we cope in caring for another. Could I be so resilient, supportive, loving too? I don’t know, to be truthful. I certainly admire the love they lived.

My message ended with the question, what is your theory of everything?

For me, the answer comes down to some notes in a letter from the apostle Paul of the New Testament and where he reminds us that of faith hope and love, the greatest is love.* God’s love for us. That’s where I put my money.

How about you? What’s your theory of life, faith, science, everything?

To listen to the full sermon, click here.

*1 Corinthians 1:1-12

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