What is the Season of Creation and why am I committing to write 34 blogs?

The Season of Creation is a period of time between September 1 and October 4 dedicated to paying attention to our common home, the Earth with prayer and action.  September 1 was first designated within the Orthodox tradition as  a Day of Prayer for Creation. This was extended by the World Council of Churches to October  4, the Feast of St Francis Of Assis.

This opportunity was shared with me by Beth Lorimer with Kairos. Kairos is a joint venture ecumenical program administered by the United Church of Canada.  Their mission:

We are Indigenous, settlers and newcomers in Canada working with people of faith or conscience for ecological justice and human rights.

Kairos has embraced the opportunity provided by the Season of Creation to host September as Climate Action Month.  This includes a thirty-day challenge to motivate and inspire a daily practise of taking action for the climate.

For various reasons, I am  setting aside this Season of Creation to purposefully pay attention to movements and emergences which are happing for me,  as both a woman of faith and of the earth.  I am grateful for the structure, permission and encouragement the Season of Creation /Climate Action Month offers  to pay attention to something that has been growing in importance for me since last November.

And I want to do it in community; as part of a flow of shared life, struggle, love, pondering, curiosity, confusion, despair, creativity and generativity which touches me as I’m connecting to people, I  know well or not at all.  People who share a similar yearning to be more awake when it comes to our complex relationship with the Planet.  Awake and poised for what is next.

Please join me on this journey and stay in touch . . .there will be opportunities  

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