September 5: Grateful that Climate Change is Happening Now!?

A home off of Beachburg Road by the Ottawa River in Whitewater Region, east of Pembroke, Ontario is completely surrounded by water as flooding continues in the region, on Saturday, May 11, 2019. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Justin Tang

A needle in a haystack . . . Google style . . . you know that process where you have read or heard something and you start looking for it online – this website, that search phrase, something that will serve as a magnet to attract the needle you are looking for! Perhaps, readers, you will be able to help!

Last winter, before the seemingly never ending season of Covid settled in, I heard a CBC Ideas episode where  Nahlah Ayedwas having a conversation with a professor (?) from the USA who suggested that we should be grateful that climate change was happening now! That comment certainly got Nahlah’s attention, as it did mine.

His suggestion was that climate change could have ramped up at any point since we have increased our combustion of fossil fuel with the resulting disturbance of our biosphere and the many systems which support life. It could have happened earlier in the 20 century when we did not have the scientific capacity to understand what was happening and why. We could have been like earlier civilizations attributing disastrous weather and geological event to the gods. Instead, we know what is happening which gives us at least gives us a starting place . HUMM. Interesting thought.

What did strike me about this comment, which has seemed even more real with the onset and persistence of Covid, is the amazing resources that we have to learn, connect and work together which we didn’t have a decade ago. We have the learning of our collective civilizations at our fingertips online, you can sit at the feet of just about any guru you choose and worship with people on the other side of the Globe as I experienced with the Online Prayer Service for the Season of Creation. Though the internet, search engines and online communication tools such as Zoom – the opportunity to learn with, care for and create with people from next door to 3 times zones away is easily available . How is this a resources as we are being called /pushed into reshaping the way we live together on this planet?

In the spirit of this thought and in the spirit of exploring what it means to give our planet a Sabbath; on Sundays during this 34 day challenge I will take a Sabbath. Instead of posting my own”work”, I will share some of the websites which are wonderful sources of information, encouragement and inspiration. Tomorrow I will share 5 resources which, on a regular basis, support and enable my next step into the many unknowns of my life and the unknown future we all share. I hope some nugget you might discover gives you a moment of rest or a perspective that eases your load.

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