If any Old testament theologian were to have groupies, it would be Walter Brueggeman! I wrote a a thank you letter to him, Peter Block and John McKnight on my 50th Birthday. Walter, for 25 years your theological writing about neighbours, loss, hope and imagination have brought me to the back side of God, which is as good as it gets!!! ( Reference to when Moses is negotiating with God about his leadership with the Israelites and asks to see God’s face, God says you can only see my back. Exodus 33:22 . . . Wonderful!)

Walter Brueggeman says about Sabbath ,

In our own contemporary context of the rat race of anxiety, the celebration of Sabbath is an act of both resistance and alternative. It is resistance because it is a visible insistence that our lives are not defined by the production and consumption of commodity goods.” Sabbath as Resistance

5 Sites for Sabbath:

The Onbeing Project

Yes magazine

Daily Meditations from the Center for Action and Contemplation

Tricycle Magazine

The Tyee

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