Does this kind of miracle happen every night?

My husband and I went for a walk along the path overlooking the reservoir at Glenmore Park for the first time since we moved to the “other side” of the river. It was a bitter sweet attempt to soak up as much of this amazing season as possible!

And we were rewarded by a light show of dramatic proportions – a sunset! A sunset is not a singular moment but a series of moments and seconds, each one different and more astounding than the last!

I learned to ski in high school because a good friend of mine taught me. I can still remember, head facing down the hill, face in the snow, legs spayed in all directions and laughing hysterically as my friend (whose name was also Sarah) tried to help me get upright again so I could give it one more try! One of the rituals she introduced into our ski day was to take Splendour Breaks.

At an appropriate moment and location on the hill when the view was astounding, we would stop skiing, sit down and just look around, soaking it all in. Now, I have let go of skiing. Sadly, I think I missed the critical developmental period when I might have integrated that skill, but more and more when I am outside I try to take Splendour Breaks – pausing, looking and absorbing the natural environment I find myself in.

Fall in Calgary is so exquisite!

Every year, I think the Mayor should pick at least one day when the sky is completely blue, the air is dry and crisp so everything pops; when the colors of the trees and grasses – yellow , orange, red and purple – seem to sing into the sky and spontaneously declare a civic holiday! Giving everyone the opportunity to take a Splendour Break and just allow the amazingness of it all to have some attention!

I challenge you to fill the next days and weeks of this season with a multitude of Splendour Breaks . . . and be surprised, let it touch you, let it mean something!

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  1. MaryJean MacLeod

    love this idea!