NewScoop YYC invites you to join us in bringing to Calgary . . .

Prosperity Potluck: Series One 
Making Media about Community Prosperity

Join us in creating media about community prosperity through interviews – online conversations transformed into podcasts, digital stories and e-news

Prosperity Potluck: Series One

  • Prosperity Potluck at Noon – Conversations with guests Wednesdays at MRU, hosted by Jeff Collins, former CBC host and openhearted teller of Calgary stories
  • Simultaneous online participation available through video conferencing
  • Digital stories
  • Podcasts
  • Regular E-Newsletter
  • Promotion through social media

Prosperity includes and reaches further than financial security.  Where are the people and initiatives in Calgary that make us a prosperous community in every sense of the word?

We are pleased to partner with the Institute for Community Prosperity at Mount Royal University to launch Prosperity Potluck: Series One.  The Institute for Community Prosperity  is also intent on discovering and exploring all that supports a resilient and thriving community.

Sponsor Involvement

Sponsorship Contact

Sarah Arthurs

Our Market and Reach

  • This series will be promoted through NewScoop’s website, social media (1300 Twitter) and
    e-news (900+) and will include dedicated social media marketing to ensure increased reach, participation and sponsor value.
  • 11 live and online events September – November 2018
  • All stories, e-news and other artifacts can be re-shared through the Sponsor’s social media platforms.
  • The series will also be promoted through Mount Royal College’s in-house communications and The Institute for Community Prosperity’s network.

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