Earth, Erik Olsen – Cosmos Exhibition at the Glenbow Museum

I am on a learning curve about about science, the planet, how humans got here, where we are going and how humans fit and “don’t fit” in the amazing blue green oasis we live in. It is activating a whole new part of my brain.  

And I like that,  we live in our planet, not on it.

Our planet is not just the ground beneath our feet but everything, including the atmosphere which surrounds the seemingly solid parts we think of as Earth. Our planet is the billions of systems, microscopic and massive which are interlinked and which somehow have all evolved to be the richness and complexity that we (humans) are! As well as all the systems that we enjoy and which sustain us.

Heavenly Bodies Again #23, 2016 Gathie Falk- Cosmos Exhibition at the Glenbow Museum

It strikes me that, for the last 100 years humankind has been at a distinct disadvantage in comparison to previous generations. Most of us, most of the time, can’t see the stars. We are star deprived. We live in cities where light pollution prevents us from experiencing the nightly reminder that we are not alone in the universe; that there is so much more beyond us that we don’t know or understand.

As a result we live with the fallacy that we are somehow, exclusively, the self contained independent “Boss of Me ” . . . rather than just one part of a much more extensive, complex system of which we are just a part on the Earth and of which the Earth is just a part in our galaxy and so on.

Various resources are supporting my changing world view. I am excited to share this trailer for Quantum Potential: A Pathway to Peace about the physicist David Bohm. A free showing of this film and a discussion is happening on Sunday, September 20 at 4:00pm MT. Register here.

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  1. Michelle Strutzenberger

    Thanks again, Sarah. Love it.
    So how do we ensure we get the proper “star nutrition”? My son asked for a telescope a few years ago, and then would wake me to go out star seeking with him. I traded sleep for stars, and definitely absolutely would say it was the best trade-off.