Sustain-Ability: Reimagining the Way We Live Now

According to Mark Durieux “Sustainability is one of the most important issues of our time, (and) everyone is anxious to talk about this.”

Durieux is a member of the Social Justice and Development Team at the Grace Presbyterian Church, that since 2014 started hosting an annual event called: Sustainable Living Conversations. This year´s event – Exploring Possibilities Social/Eco-Innovation Talks – took place on June 13th 2015. The event had six guest speakers who shared their experience and knowledge in an array of topics, such as:

  • New Scoop YYC  – a generative journalism news coop in Calgary
  • Grow Calgary  – Canada´s biggest urban farm
  • International Avenue Business Revitalization Zone – the global comes local
  • OikoCredit – an international microfinance group
  • Alberta Anti Coal

Churches can provide the space and the support to bring people together, share knowledge and ideas, and create new ways to live more sustainably, believes Mark. He hopes to build community around the church, connecting different people to turn ideas into action.

One of the concrete actions that came out of the Grace Presbyterian Church’s Sustainable Living Event from this year is a series of field trips to Grow Calgary and International Avenue. The community from the Grace Presbyterian Church is very interested in having a closer look and a deeper understanding of the sustainable initiatives that are taking place in their city. It is truly a great way of getting involved!

When asked about his most valuable learnings from the event Mark says, “We need to become more and more communal, we need to make things happen through collaboration”. Our lives, and that of all other species on our planet, depends on how much we are willing to understand how everything is interconnected, and how much awareness we have of the urgent need to take action at a personal, local and global level.

“There are no roadmaps for this, we need to figure things out along the way. But we humans have the foundational strengths to do things in ways we have not yet imagined ”, says Mark.

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