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‘What does it mean to love our actual neighbours?’

Howard Lawrence is exploring what happens when we activate the invitation to love those within our neighbourhoods. He says the idea has sprung forth that “maybe God is calling us to love our actual neighbours.”

“It’s a powerful notion, it’s a challenging notion for people to say what does it mean to love our actual neighbours?”

The Abundant Community Initiative

One Block Connector Tells his Story

I’m a bit nervous as I knock on my neighbour’s door. I’ve lived here for five years so I’ve certainly seen them around, I think I even introduced myself, but have forgotten their names.

My community Association has asked if I would be the Block Connector for my block. This is my first day in the role, and I’m going to walk down our street, meet my neighbours and let them know what this involves. I like the idea of getting to know my neighbours in the same way we all did as kids.