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From Empty Classrooms to Bold Ideas

The United Church of Canada Embraces Innovation

The basements of United Churches tell a chapter of the social history of Canada. Whenever I have occasion to spend time in them, I am struck by their size; the labyrinth of classrooms and the always-present high-ceilinged, usually cold, gym. There was a time when United Churches ruled the world – the social world of Canada – so to speak. They were the backbones of communities socially and spiritually, and quite often the “recreation centre” for youth.

In 2016, the leadership of the United Church of Canada (UCC) has embarked on a journey of culture change. The Embracing the Spirit initiative is intent on “inspiring its members and congregations to try something different and embrace change, so that they can be hopeful about the future,” cited Carla Leon, with Embracing the Spirit.

Rocked my world

Lion’s Den Social Innovation Winners prepare for final pitch session on October 17

“It rocked my world; this needs to go, that needs to change” was Kendra’s experience of her one hour session with James Boettcher, founder of Fiasco Gelato,

Calgary Churches Re-imagining Who They Are In Community

Initiative takes stock of churches’ assets, explores redirecting them to better serve community

Carla Leon never knows what kind of response she’ll get when she picks up the phone to cold-call church leaders in Calgary about a new initiative designed to help churches re-imagine who they are in their local communities. But she’s certainly most energized when people instantly “see the light.”