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From Reconciliation to Redistribution

Co-ops on the Road to Right Relations

t seems trite to say, yet I felt I had witnessed history in the making,” says Len Findlay, remembering his participation on the occasion of the release of the Truth and Reconciliation (TRC) documents on June 2nd in Ottawa. “There was a collective sense too, of being part of a justice and reconciliation project bigger than any one person and requiring the best efforts of all.” says Len.

One Size May Not Fit All

How Co-Ops could Work for Indigenous Communities

Darcy Overlord and Merle Massie from the University of Saskatchewan conducted a study that posed a seemingly simple question: if the co-op model is a good fit for indigenous communities, why aren’t there more co-ops? Deeper questions soon arose, uncovered by their research: What is a co-op, from an aboriginal point of view? What is rural? And even, what is community?

New Scoop Member’s Working Pot Luck

Special Guest: Peter Block, Community: The Structure Of Belonging

t was a good night, all the food groups were covered in the potluck and in the conversation.  There was the delicious randomness of potlucks – vegetarian loaf, bruschetta, fresh bread, brie, samosas, salad, pecan pie, mini cream puffs and more . . . In the conversation there was connection, inspiration, in depth discussion of