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Would you paint your neighbour?

Greeted by Faces

The lobby of Prairie Sky Cohousing Cooperative, just off Edmonton Trail in northeast Calgary, looks a lot like the lobby of any multi-residential building, with its row of mailboxes, tile floor, and a bench to sit on as you pull your boots on or off. Then, your eye catches the portraits that hang on the walls: eight of them on your left as you come through the door; another 18 in two rows above those ubiquitous mailboxes.

Toot-Toot!! We’re making waves!

Generative Journalism Co-op Energizing New Talent

Hope and possibility is stirring in Calgary as a Generative Journalism co-op called NewScoop YYC draws an array of new talent sensing a life-giving space in which to step into their gifts and animate a new story for their city and society.

“What’s energizing me is this different approach to writing stories,” says Tamara Lee, who connected with NewScoop several months ago. She brings an eclectic mix of gifts — technical writing, placemaking artistry and a degree in biochemistry. Tamara says she’s especially drawn to the idea of creating news in a way that is generative — where the story-gathering process itself sparks new possibilities for her community.

Cafe Koi – A Focus on Third Spaces & Community Hubs

Every Thursday, amateur and professional singers alike head to Cafe Koi’s Jazz N’ More open mic night. It’s a fun, and informal evening where singers get a chance to perform alongside jazz musicians in front of a live audience. A tight-knit, welcoming and supportive community has grown over the past seven years, through their shared