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Curious, comfortable or committed

Adult learning at different stages of participation in a church

John Pentland describes three circles of belonging in a church. The people who are the curious, the comfortable, and the committed. What does it mean to be a disciple in these three circles of belonging? The Greek word for disciple is mathetes which means a learner. To be a disciple is to be a learner. So, what does a learner look like in these three circles?

Church Gym Becomes Microbrewery: April Fools or prophetic utterance

Or why you should attend the April 14 workshop on Regenerating Places of Faith

There is a rumour circulating In Calgary which started on April 1 from the pulpit of Hillhurst United Church and found momentum on the April 2 Monday CBC Morning Show. Hillhurst United Church is going to turn it 1950 annex, attached to the 112-year-old historic church and including a gym, into a microbrewery.

Remembering Paul Wilkinson

Guest Blog from John Pentland, Minister Hillhurst United Church

NewScoop YYC is pleased to share this guest blog from John Pentland, Minister of Hillhurst United Church . Today Hillhurst heard the sad news of Paul Wilkinson’s death. Many would know him as “Smokey”. He was a constant figure around Hillhurst for six or seven years. He sat in our pews, he ate lunch in