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Circles of Sharing

At the Ogden Community Round Table

NewScoopYYC rejoined the gathering of community groups who meet quarterly in Ogden to discuss community goals and initiatives. Before the meeting, Rick Clarke, Chairman of the Board for the Odgen United Church set the tone: “This group has been amazing for me. We all know the things we are doing, and here we can find

Lemonade for Fort Mac

One Young Canadian’s Generosity

One hot summer day in June, 7-year-old Muhammad Kazmi intently penned large letters onto a lime green poster board: “Lemonade for Fort McMurray.”

Lemonade-DrawThe idea of selling lemonade to raise money for the Fort McMurray wildfire relief effort was sparked weeks before while watching the news. Muhammad’s mother, Syeda Zehra, says, “He saw the burning homes on T.V. and said to me, ‘we should do something to help’.”