The Sky is Falling and it is Blue Blue Blue!

A Blog inspired by Calgary Folk Fest

Hmm . . . A pause . . . I am usually fairly removed from the craziness of world events.  For better or worse, I am pretty well anchored in my own small world with its’ limited radar scope for incoming of whatever kind. But I must say, of late it does feel a bit like the sky is falling. Violence seems to be occurring more regularly in previously unimagined forms and democracy is some how less benign. I have often used the Winston Churchill quote about democracy being the best of a bad lot, but I am beginning to wonder if he might be having second thoughts.

Indeed as NewScoop YYC engaged with artists and folkies at the Calgary Folk Fest this weekend, the state of the world was brought into sharp tension with our practice of generative journalism. As part of our playful dialogue with artists and festival attendees we asked everyone, if they were to give the Folk Festival a color, what would it be? (There was probably a tie between green and orange!)

A thoughtful soul wanted to know why, when people are dying in Syria, are we asking such a strange question; a wonderful segue into why do generative journalism at all? Why inquire, speak about, share stories of where life, creativity, connection, beauty, meaningfulness and playfulness are flowing at full force like the river around Prince’s Island Park this past weekend. There is some undercurrent that this inquiry is irrelevant, if not irresponsible.

I would suggest that it is in fact most responsible. We are constantly having reflected back at us through horrific headlines and terrifying videos our inhumanity and disintegrating social structures – So it is even more important to re- member our humanness in all of it’s gift and glory, our capacity for kindness and creativity as well as our ability to sustain inclusive, meaningful and abundant human communities.

It was indeed NewScoop’s pleasure and privilege to bear witness to such loveliness this weekend:

Everywhere you turned, friend and family hugging each other, reunited after a year’s absence.

The passion, integrity and courage of musicians revealed in story, song and humor

The eruptions of gratitude as audiences pounded their hands together in loud thanks for music that gets IT!

The huge expression of community love offered by the volunteers who masterfully created an event for revelling by all!

And everywhere movement: parades of folk in a continuum of bright garb moving from one stage to another, dancing in wheel chairs and on two feet, gravity defying gliding skateboards, bikes arriving in daylight and departing in the dark, children sailing high on swings into an ever evolving canvas of sky.

My color for the Calgary Folk Festival would be Blue Blue Blue, for the river and sky wrapping the island . . . for peace, possibility, and playfulness . . .That all of what we are and that we experience at the Folk Festival is who we are and what we can experience always!

Check out our video,  What Colour is the Calgary Folk Festival 2016 ?

And Family Fun

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