Their Message has New Meaning in Death

In the wake of the tragic loss of Michael Green and Narcisse Blood we remember their vision for Calgary and future generations

The New Scoop team is deeply saddened to learn of the tragic loss of Michael Green and Narcisse Blood.

We had the privilege last fall of sharing Michael and Narcisse’s vision for Calgary and future generations in a story about the ground-breaking theatrical production, Making Treaty 7.

Narcisse, a Blackfoot elder, described the heart of the Making Treaty 7 message as this: There is enough for all, take what you need and give back to the land.

He talked about feeling driven to bring this message as he thought of the future that his beloved children and grandchildren will live in.

Both Michael and Narcisse seemed hopeful that this message would indeed be heard and taken to heart.

“As we listened to the story of the creation of the Making of Treaty 7 it seemed like a microcosm of the kind of creative, respectful partnership we need to have between indigenous peoples and others as we live in this space,” says New Scoop founder Sarah Arthurs.

We thought it fitting to bring back the words of Michael and Narcisse at this time by re-sharing their story, ‘Making Treaty 7’ May Change the First Nations Conversation in Alberta.

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