Are you passionate about a sustainable local economy in Calgary?

Do you care about equality and social justice?

Then Thrive is the place for you. Thrive is a network of local economy leaders, neighbourhood champions, and entrepreneurs who work collectively to advance their vision of a thriving, resilient and inclusive economy for all. They seek long-term sustainable solutions that transform the economic well-being of all Calgarians.

Thrive is convening a Community Huddle on October 27 at The Alex Community Food Centre, on International Ave. Expect inspiring conversation, great connections and learn how you can create greater impact in your community with Thrive.

Thrive provides access to quality learning and key resources that support individuals to launch a social venture. A partnership with Simon Fraser University, is one such example, where Thrive hosted their Community Economic Development certificate program. Donna McBride, a recent graduate of the program, is launching a social venture, The Third Wheel, because of her involvement in the program. The Third Wheel provides after-hours emergency repair services for people using mobility aids, such as wheel chairs. See our recent article about graduates from this program.

Thrive meetingBeyond learning, Thrive uses time-tested practices that invest in people and places to build community well-being, foster local ownership and provide valuable social benefits. Philip Lozano, the Community Economic Development Coordinator for Thrive, believes that everyone has gifts to share that make meaningful contributions to building real prosperity for all.


They also partner with and connect neighbourhood champions and local economy leaders to build and sustain the local economy from the ground up. By guiding communities to identify local assets, opportunities arise that have social impact. One such project they are currently working on will make capital more accessible to local entrepreneurs through a local investment fund.

If you have an idea, or are working on a local initiative in your neighbourhood or community contact Philip by email at

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