Walls or Bridges, Executive Orders or Invitations, Terror or Hospitality

We begin a new week trembling a bit from recent shock waves. Some of which are coming from Donald Trump, as he acts on his promises to build walls of all kind . . . between countries, between genders, between ethno-cultural groups and between treaty partners. He is carving an ever smaller global community into fearful enclaves of them and us.

On Sunday, the shock of the shooting at the Mosque in Quebec reminded us that the problem of terror attacks belongs to us also.

In the midst of this, some of us are still riding the energy and intention of the recent Women’s March on Washington at which 5000 people gathered to proclaim a positive and inclusive agenda where differences are celebrated and our common humanity cherished.

This week there is another unique opportunity for us in Calgary to enjoy and support this energy that commits to bridges rather that walls, invitation rather than orders and hospitality rather than terror.

The Calgary Interfaith Council has provided leadership for the UN Declared Week of Interfaith Harmony Feb 1- 7.

If you would like to stand up for inclusion, diversity and community come to the launch of this week at City Hall at 6:00 pm on Feb 1. The Mayor will be opening the week with the reading of a proclamation.

There are numerous event happening through Feb 1- 7 including Open houses, concerts, and an Interfaith build with Habit for Humanity among others. Please checkout this schedule to find out more about the many and varied opportunities that have been created.

We hope to see you there!

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