Village Days, a new initiative sponsored by Crescent Heights Community Association will conclude with an  East vs West Crescent Heights Water Fight in Rotary Park on July 1 between 2:00 – 4:00.  Although you need to get there early because when the water is gone, the game is over!

This is the brain child of Kevin Jesuino, engagement coordinator for Village Days and resident of Crescent Heights.

In Thailand, country wide water fights are rooted in the Buddhist calendar and connected to water as an agent of renewal and attitude.

In Crescent Heights, the water fight will be an agent of play and neighbourly connection as well as paying homage to the important and finite resources that water is for Calgary.  Water is an ever-present reality to this neighbourhood, as Crescent Heights sits on the edge of the valley looking over the Bow River, supplying half of Calgary’s hydro-power and water requirements.

Village Days been an adventure in neighbourhood activation. fairyhouseIt has included coaching on place making, block parties and concerts, painted rocks with messages and fairy houses, lawn chairs in front yards.

Make a day of hanging out in the neighbourhood on June 16 with the Making It Right Relations Arts Festival at Wild Rose United church  and Painting the Street  – painting the Intersection in front of the Crescent Heights High School.

One of the exciting emerging realities of this activation has been a similar energy from a local congregation, Wild Rose United Church, to also reach out to the neighbourhood.  Both organizations are seeking to share and be part of supporting Crescent Heights in becoming an ever more vibrant and healthy neighbourhood for all.   They are joining forces on June 26 to host an evening of introductions and brainstorming about vision, resources and possible collaborations for the Good of the Hood.  All residents, neighbours,  businesses, churches, service organizations, Not for Profits and institutions that call Crescent Heights home are welcome to attend; 7:00 pm, Wild Rose United Church 1317 1St NW.

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